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Inside of the membership, we will take a deep dive into clarifying what isn't working, where you want to be and why you want it.

You see, time becomes more efficient when it is focused and intentional. We show you how to build your ideal calendar to suit where you're at in your life right now. We build goals in each area and reverse engineer what we need to do in your scheduled time to make it happen.

What's included in the membership?

Real Estate On Purpose Digital Course ($1497 Value)

The solid foundation to establish and grow your career on. This self paced course outlines how to create the activities that bring consistency in your day to day life, business, lead generation, as well as personal and family time. Angela firmly believes that our life and work ned to be in harmony. They need to work together to create a fulfilling purpose and to ensure your business feeds your energy vs draining it. This course teaches all of that along with how to track your progress and accomplish more in a year than you had previously dreamed possible!

Monthly group sessions ($997 Value)

These calls provide even more support for you real estate business with trainings on how to sky rocket your social media conversion, YouTube best practices and growth, lead generation form a multitude of styles and approaches, and so much more. Something you want to learn? The membership takes feedback and suggestions for fun new trainings to add to these monthly sessions. Can't make it live or need to refer back to one? The recordings and transcriptions are available on demand.

Proven systems & strategies to reach your goals ($997 Value)

Angela's coaching will help clear your mind and business of chaos and clutter. Learn new systems and practices to help streamline and automate your business where possible. Clear systems alleviate the headaches and sleepless nights of wondering if you have missed a detail or forgotten some important aspect. Run your business like a CEO and reclaim ownership of your time and life. Checklists, Trello boards, Workflows, Assistant (hiring, contracts, etc...), and more: Angela shares her personal systems that you can implement into your own business.

Private Facebook Group for ongoing Support

For active support throughout our days and weeks, the group provides extra space to explore new ideas, delve into questions we are struggling with or just to get some extra inspiration and encouragement when we need a boost. The perfect compliment to the monthly trainings and accountability calls. Group members are highly encouraged to ask for help when needed and provide help or encouragement when someone else reaches out.

Meet Angela

In a profession often associated with cutthroat competition and high-pressure sales, Angela Porrelli stands out as a testament to an alternative route to success. Her secret? It's not about the number of cold calls made or expired listings chased; it's about the depth of relationships forged and the authenticity of connections made.

What sets Angela apart is her unique philosophy: by integrating her personal passions and community involvement into her professional life, she has not only found work-life harmony but has also discovered an extremely fulfilling way to conduct business. 

Angela has completed her SUCCESS™ Life Coaching training to fully support the agents in the membership beyond the transaction and into all areas of life.

Her mission is simple yet profound: to inspire others to pursue success on their own terms, free from the pressures of traditional industry norms.

Membership Extras:

Email outlines to use as templates for transaction workflows ($147 Value)

There are certain emails that we write time and time again from transaction to transaction. These pre set templates allow you to enter your local information to customize them for your market while saving you hours and streamlining your workflow.

ChatGPT Plug & Play Prompts and Customization Tools ($197 Value)

This course is a a work at your own pace course inside of the membership that you can access anytime. It starts from the very basics for someone who has zero knowledge and progresses all the way through advanced usage. All with step by step guides and prompts. From creating your social media content to analyzing stats or writing better emails to client. Another prime tool to save you time and money!

Follow-up Systems for Repeat and Referral Clients ($497 Value)

Ok, so you have some clients but how do you maintain them and make them excited about passing your name onto their friends and family?! Gain access to the systems I have fine tuned over the past 2 decades that create a consistent stream of high converting leads from raving fans.

Canva templates for various products. ($19 to $147 value per design)

These will be released throughout the membership for you to use: Listing presentation, Buyer presentation, Luxury presentation, Buyer seminar slideshow, Listing feature sheets, Home Evaluation presentations, and more...

Angela's thoughtful guidance helped me pinpoint where I was stuck, define my goals, and create a customized, intentional calendar tailored to my current life stage. With her expert strategies, I'm achieving my aspirations with focused, scheduled precision.

— Kindra Sowden


Pre-Launch pricing Founding Members

Pre-Launch pricing ends April 30, 2024

We know everyone on this journey at different stages. Whether you’re band new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, there is something in this membership for you.

The courses and resources in this membership are meant to support agents from all stages. We focus on agents looking to build a career that supports work life harmony and can be scaled up or down depending on what their goals and focus are at that point in life.

As a founding member, you deserve to know that your feedback and input is important!! We also firmly believe that early action takers deserve to be rewarded. That's why we are offering founding member, locked in, pricing - to say thank you for believing in this membership now and moving forward.

Full membership access will be granted on May 1, 2024

Pre-Launch pricing closes April 30, 2024

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Save even more as a founding member, by paying $497/year and receiving 1.5 months free plus bonus coaching call.

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  • BONUS one-on-one 60 minute coaching call with Angela

$997/yr $497/yr

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